Bye-bye cellulite

Studies now show that cellulite is not so much a fat problem but more a fascia problem. Fascia is connective tissue with a mesh like structure that covers every muscle and organ in the body, providing stability and support. However, often connective tissue becomes distorted with tension and adhesions, allowing fat to bulge out inconsistently, causing the lumpy look known as cellulite. Diet, hydration and exercise definitely help but if you’ve tried this and are still getting limited results, you know there’s a missing link.

We now know the missing link is the structure of the connective tissue itself. The key is to heat and break down the connective tissue, so it can reconstruct itself more evenly. A combination of infrared sauna sessions and massaging with a specific tool and technique should be used to effectively treat cellulite.

Infrared Saunas

Heating the fascia is an important step in cellulite reduction. Because fascia can become hardened, causing uneven pockets which result in cellulite, we must heat the area to soften the tissue and make it more malleable when massaging. One of the best ways to heat and detox the body is in a sauna. Any type of sauna will provide the necessary heat, but the heat from an infrared sauna is perfect for this treatment, as it penetrates more deeply into the body than traditional saunas. Also with a less intense temperature of 60 degrees rather than 80 degrees you can stay in for longer, massaging your entire body.

In combination with infrared saunas, a massage tool can also be used soften and break down fascia. Watch the video below to learn more about the FasciaBlaster.

A word of caution: sometimes this treatment will be painful and may cause bruising. Unfortunately when the fascia is extremely bound up causing severe cellulite, strong massage with the specific tool is required. This is not dangerous and will heal, revealing much smoother and tighter skin.

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