Frequently Asked Questions

Is colonic irrigation safe?

Yes, absolutely! We have treated many clients since 2005 and we have never had an injury. We use the best equipment available and fully qualified therapists. Our system is ‘gravity fed’, low pressure. Only ultra filtered, warmed water is used and all tubes and sheets are completely disposable.

How many sessions will I need?

Individual circumstances will determine the amount of sessions required. Generally the more severe or long term your symptoms are, the more treatments you will need. We recommend between 3-10 treatments as an initial protocol.

Some people ask why one session is not enough. The colon is around 6 ft. in length and is usually hardened and compacted with waste. The first treatment starts the process of hydration, preparing the colon for subsequent sessions, where the hardened waste will be removed. The older you are the more likely you will require more sessions. Other factors such as lifestyle, diet, water intake and exercise will also determine the amount of treatments you will need.

Is colonic irrigation painful?

It rarely is. Painful experiences are the result of resistance and tension. A professional therapist is skilled at putting you at ease. Sometimes, there is light cramping as the smooth muscle of the colon work to come back into shape. If this does occur it is brief and easily tolerated. Most people enjoy their sessions, feeling light, clean and relaxed afterwards.

Will I be embarrassed?

Hopefully not. You will be fully covered in a private, aesthetic room. The small tube used in the treatment is self inserted, so you will never be touched by the therapist. We understand the importance of comfort and dignity, and patient confidentiality is treated with the highest regard.

How long does colon irrigation take?

Each colon irrigation session runs for 45 minutes. Your first session will include a naturopathic consultation so allow 1.5 hours. Infrared sauna session are 30 or 45 minutes.

Do I need to prepare before my session?

We ask you not to eat a heavy meal 2 hours before your session. Drinking 1 litre of filtered water per 30 kgs of body weight is fundamental to good health and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. We also like to know your blood type for your initial consultation.





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