Whole body cleansing programs

shutterstock_107831393Did you know that we are constantly exposed to chemicals in our food, water and air, as well as in the products we use on our skin and hair – more than 125 harmful chemicals every day?! On top of this we are bombarded with electromagnetic pollution from our television, computer and mobile phone. It’s a fact of life that we live in a toxic world, but we can protect ourselves through regular cleansing and detoxification.

You’re body is always preserving your health by eliminating toxins. If everything is functioning as it should be, toxins will be broken down by the liver and eliminated through the proper eliminative channels – colon, kidneys, lungs, skin, mucous membranes. If these organs can’t keep up with the workload, unpleasant symptoms can develop: IBS, constipation, bloating, acne, eczema, tiredness and headaches to name a few. At this stage the body is calling out for help and if this continues, more serious disorders can occur.

Radiant wellbeing starts with a healthy and clean digestive system. When we give the body the right conditions – regular cleansing, whole foods, pure water, natural supplements – your organs become clean and strong. Your skin glows, eyes shine and you have the energy to balance work and life. You feel fitter, happier and empowered, knowing you are in control of your health. You have the tools to navigate through this toxic world and you make choices by being in touch with and listening to your body.

Whether it’s your first cleanse or you’re familiar with the cleansing process, our 3 or 5 day programs are designed to be simple and effective. Supervised cleansing with an experienced therapist is so much easier, and allows you to relax into the process. We love cleansing and regularly go through the program ourselves, so we know the steps you will be taking and can support you accordingly. You’ll never look back once you discover the benefits of this lifestyle.

What does our cleansing program include?

3 day – $330 or 5 day – $450

  • naturopathic assessment
  • daily colonic
  • daily infrared sauna
  • 1 bowel infusion/enema
  • superfood supplement
  • probiotics
  • love and support 🙂


We always look forward to hearing from you so if you’d like more information or just want to chat call us on 98199556 or email info@cleanse.com.au

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