Infrared Sauna


Saunas have a long history of use for healing and rejuvenation. Heating the body stimulates circulation of blood and lymph, nourishing and cleansing every organ. Toxins and heavy metals are eliminated as the sweating process occurs.

Infrared saunas take comfort and detoxification to a new level with more mild temperatures than traditional saunas, and with better results. Unlike regular saunas that heat the air, infrared saunas heat the body, deeply penetrating the skin and drawing out more impurities.

Sweat analysis studies show 5-6 times more toxins are eliminated during infrared saunas than in regular saunas.

Infrared saunas help to boost the immune system, keeping you free of colds and flus. The rise in body temperature increases production of infection fighting white blood cells and killer T-cells. Studies also show that human growth hormone, known to keep you youthful, increases approximately 140% for about an hour after a sauna. That’s a significant boost, especially if you’re having regular sessions.

Benefits include:

  • clears skin – eczema, psoriasis
  • increases blood flow and oxygenation
  • stimulates metabolism
  • reduces stress
  • breaks down cellulite
  • repaires injured muscles
  • strengthens immune system
  • boosts HGH

Come and find out for yourself – we are located in Hawthorn just east of Melbourne CBD.

$30 – 30 minutes $40 – 45 minutes.

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Infrared saunas have great health benefits on their own, but combined with colon hydrotherapy and nutrition, amazing results can be achieved quickly. Just ask us how when you contact us.







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