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imagesThe fundamental principle of naturopathy is that nature can heal. Given the right conditions – correct diet, key nutrients, pure water, positive mindset and a healthy, stress managed lifestyle – the body is strengthened to allow self healing. Your naturopath aims to find the underlying causes of illness, as well as treating acute symptoms. Various natural modalities will then be used to rebalance the entire system.

At Cleanse we offer individual naturopathic consultations or we incorporate naturopathy with our colon irrigation treatments. Each session is designed specifically for your needs.

Your consultation will consist of a thorough case history – diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress levels, etc. You will then receive a program to put into action over 2-4 weeks, thereafter a reassessment will be made.

Our belief is that a clean, well functioning digestive system is the cornerstone for all health and healing. Your diet and lifestyle will either build or deplete your health. Our emphasis is on correcting dietary issues, addressing allergies and providing nutritional support. Our staff are also trained in fitness and yoga and we believe that exercise is essential in any health program.

Iridology, the science of the iris(coloured part of the eye), is also used in our naturopathic consultations. The iris provides the blue print of the body, giving us information about your constitution and your predisposition towards certain conditions.






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